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Team and Process Analysis

Process and problem analysis

Before we try to fix a problem, it is essential we know what the problem is. This will be done through a process and problem analysis to develop a roadmap to use in the next steps.

Determine skills with Merit-scan

After the problem is clear, we test who is most fit to help us fix these problems. This will be the first time we make use of our own software, Meriate Peer Input.

Determine Skills with Merit Scan
Create relevant Questions

Create relevant questions

Once it is clear who the relevant experts are in your organisation, we will collaborate with them to develop questions so that the feedback and input from their peers will return the most efficient answers.

Get answers from your team

Once the questions are compiled in a survey, we make use of Meriate PI a second time to collect information from your team in a rapid tempo.

Get Answers From Your Team
Develop Tests

Develop tests

After we have collected the answers from your team, we develop some iterative tests to put the information we have to work for your organisation!

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